Ashley and mike dating monogamous dating

“This quaint little seaside town actually reminded me of a West Coast version of where I grew up along the coast in Rye Beach, New Hampshire.I have very good family friends who live there part-time, so they were able to show us the ropes on our weekend visits.However, they still wanted to have it close enough to where they lived so that they could make frequent visits during the planning process.“While we were dating we would make quick trips down to Carmel-by-the-Sea quite often and grew to fall in love with the area,” says Ashley.“We were at Mark Ingram Atelier, and my bridal consultant said the exact dress I described to her had just arrived from Milan that morning.She brought in a Peter Langner gown that was just so me from head to toe.

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“And, I had one conversation with Laura and was sold!

We turned to our best friends and asked, ‘How have you never set us up?!

’ ” Since third grade, Mike had been friends with the groom, who was marrying Ashley’s college roommate.

“We packed up the car, and I noticed Mike seemed unusually nervous on our drive north, but I didn’t think anything of it until we got out of the car, and I realized he was in fact already sweating.

We’d gone about half a mile when he mentioned that he’d read about this incredible view that we should check out up this cliff through tangled brush just a few yards away. Mike then pulled out two glasses and a bottle of champagne and my stomach flipped.

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