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RIFIDI is an open source RFID/Sensor Middleware Platform sponsored by Transcends. Please find out how to contribute to the Wiki before you begin editing.The aim of is to provide a central shared repository of technical information / fixes and is intended to replace the ubiquitous personal “notes.txt” file that all IT workers maintain.To subscribe to individual wiki webpages or collections of webpages, follow the examples shown in the table below.After you add to the subscribed pages list, save your preferences to make them permanent.the regex term will apply to either 1) the current wiki only or 2) the current wiki farm.

Such a description is stored in files with extension ".xs".As illustrated above, regular expressions are used in Moin Moin user preferences to subscribe to more than one wiki webpage at a time.For example, the term period-asterisk (.*) means zero or more repetitions (*) of any character (.) in the wiki page name.As the site is publicly searchable for the benefit of the wider internet community no company private information is recorded.The site is authored by a small group of mainly network engineers who can be contacted by email.

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