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Brady also says that he was victimized as a young child.

"I was really scared to talk about it," said Brady, who's now thirty-one.

There's the surreal moment of seeing him in the flesh after hearing his most lurid and intimate thoughts. That power—the potential to crush someone who seems willing to do the same heinous things that happened to them or someone that they love—can be bracing.

Then they rush headlong into the unknown: He could be armed. It empowers them to change the course of a stranger's life, perhaps irrevocably, because they alone decide that it needs to happen.

Brady and G-Man keep their voices low and even, to keep him from running. "I was trying to get better and better every video, but there was no spark," he said.

Then he decided to try something different: He made a fake dating profile, posing as an underage boy "just to see what would happen." He couldn't believe it when a man actually responded and wanted to meet up, so he decided to tape the confrontation, -style, and post it online.

While Payne preferred to work on his own, others liked the idea of teaming up to fight evil on the streets, Justice League-style.

But Canada's new predator hunters don't have to wait for a TV network to come calling: They have the cameras in their hands, a captive audience on social media, and an Internet culture that thrives on public humiliation. ") In December, the movement got its first conviction when a 67-year-old Australian man caught in a sting pleaded guilty to child luring and was sentenced to six months in jail.A large, soft-looking man in a suit is sitting near the soda dispensers, fiddling with his phone.Brady and G-Man walk over to his table, avoiding eye contact until the last possible second." "I've got over two million views on my Facebook," Raymond told one man as he accused him of trying to lure a 13-year-old girl."Everyone's going to know who the fuck you are, you pedophile fuck." Raymond's rude, rebellious spirit was contagious, and spinoffs soon spread to dozens of cities across Canada, with viewers cheering them on for exposing "goofs" and "skinners"—Canadian prison slang for pedophiles and child sex abusers.

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