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Use your index finger and rub it gently over the spot just below the scrotum.

Slip your finger downward to this very sensitive area.

Do: Apply some of your favorite lube into both hands liberally.

Find a comfortable position for self pleasuring and masturbate for a moment of two as you would normally.

They are fully functional, free and I've personally used them recently, so I know they work: Hello Talk is an app (Android and i OS) that you can use to find language partners.

The layout looks a little like Viber and Whatsapp, which are two instant messenger apps.

Slide the palms forward and backward along the shaft, similar to rubbing a stick in kindling.Begin slowly and find a speed of rubbing your dick that feels good, then play frisky.Many men pump their penis with “to and fro” pulls of their hand along the penis shaft.The perineum builds great sexual sensations when touched and felt.Play with the perineum, feel the intense sensations of prickly pleasure and take your masturbatory pleasure to new heights – enjoy!

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