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As a result all actions were prolonged, which contributed heavily to the amount of devastation caused by this catastrophe.

Agency Information The Federal Emergency Management Agency was established in 1979 as an official governmental agency after combining various disaster response committees.

La acción de estos gases en la Estratosfera libera átomos de Cl a través de la radiación UV sobre sus enlaces moleculares; cada átomo de Cl destruye miles de moléculas de Ozono transformándolas en moléculas de dioxígeno.

Otros compuestos que afectan la capa de ozono por contener cloro (Cl) son el metilcloroformo (solvente), el tetracloruro de carbono (un químico industrial) y sustancias que contengan bromo (Br), como los halones, utilizados para extinguir el fuego.

Durante los últimos años, la capa de ozono, se ha debilitado formando un verdadero agujero, que en algunos sectores ha producido disminuciones de hasta el 60% en la cantidad de ozono estratosférico.

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However, FEMA was heavily criticized for its lack of action, languid response rate, and disorganized resolution plans.La capa de ozono nos protege de los rayos ultravioleta.Actualmente, está siendo destruída producto de sustancias fabricadas y emitidas por el hombre.FEMA supervises and works with a variety of response teams to handle natural tragedies when they arise. After handling a multitude of crises for more than 200 years, the organization has gained extensive experience with administering such situations.The Urban Search and Rescue Response Team is an example of an organizational team within FEMA comprised of state and local respondents. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Act (Stafford Act) operates on the principal that “response efforts should first utilize State and local resources” before requesting Federal aid (Lessons, p.12). Personnel staff consisted of the most knowledgeable and competent individuals available.

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