Is sarah silverman really dating matt damon

The film also starred Meg Ryan and Denzel Washington.

Damon and Affleck had written a screenplay entitled Good Will Hunting and, after seeking advice from friends such as Kevin Smith and Rob Reiner, the film was produced, earning them both an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

He was in a relationship with Winona Ryder for two years.

He also dated Minnie Driver, his co-star in Good Will Hunting.

He attended Harvard between 19 but never graduated, choosing instead to pursue his acting career.

He appeared in Geronimo: An American Legend, whilst still at university.

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In 2002, Matt Damon featured in Martin Scorsese's The Departed.Matt Damon also won the Best Actor Oscar and Robin Williams won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in the film.On the set of Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon met the director Steven Spielberg, who then offered him a role in Saving Private Ryan, the highly-acclaimed World War II film starring Tom Hanks and Tom Sizemore.The filmmakers' expectations of its success are said to have been a contributing factor to his decision to drop out of university.Film Career: Matt Damon's first film role came in 1988 when he was 18 years old.

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