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Language, or learning new languages is a favorite pastime of mines ever since learning how to read, write and speak Arabic in 1999 at the ripe age of 17 [self-taught might I add].

😉 Fifteen years later: I’m now fluent in the Levantine dialect of Arabic which is spoken in Syria, Palestine, Jerusalem, Lebanon and parts of Jordan.

The beauty however in learning new languages is that once you make it pass the basic learning stage, or once you were once fluent in it and has lost it, it takes nothing to regain it but a touch up on vocabulary.

Back in 2011, I started to learn Italian and found that it was super easy!

While learning and conquering Spanish, I simultaneously mastered French also with one-on-one tutoring [free of charge might I add] from a Haitian and a Senegalese, African buddy.Hence I can literally understand a Brazilian without ever learning Portuguese formally.Also in 2011, I started out learning Chinese (Mandarin), which was very easy, but back slid because of my blogging. I’ve yet to come across a language which has given my trouble learning in any way shape or form, simply because there are none.To further solidify this strange point, there are no Patois-speaking local TV networks in the Caribbean.Our cable providers are linked to the United States (New York City’s), which means that we get every local station in the New York City Tri-State area in the basic-cable package.

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