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But by its sheer numbers, the baby boom generation should be able to call out and stand up to ageism in a way that previous generations couldn’t, right?

Or at least demand better treatment by the advertising industry?

You see this in the medicalization of normal changes—like perimenopause, like lower testosterone, like mild cognitive impairment, if there even is such a thing—which are pathologized so they can sell us stuff to “cure” these natural transitions.

It’s very compelling when people cop to being ashamed of aging.

It’s just a mental trick, a way of connecting empathetically and imaginatively to your future self, at whatever remove you’re comfortable with.

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This past fall alone, Applewhite has addressed the United Nations as a keynote speaker on the International Day of Older Persons, published a buzzy op-ed in the New York Times and spoke to a dozen audiences at conferences and book-signing events about her work.

And then only a few of those people are going to take that change outward into the world.

But everyone is aging, so the number of people who are open to thinking about this is enormous, and that’s the base of a movement.

I actually said these words aloud for the first time this year: I’m comfortable being alone. I may fall in love again, but—for those kids who are listening to Bruce Willis for love advice—any relationship that isn’t founded on friendship is just doomed. Everybody says, “Oh, you have three daughters, you gotta watch out.” But I think that their mom and I have both realized that it’s our job to get them ready to go out into the world now. It was the first time I thought, I hope I don’t turn my ankle or some old-man thing. Mostly weight resistance training, almost an hour of cardio at least three times a week.

Everybody, no matter how old you are, is roughly around 24, 25 in their heart. I had to do a stunt where I had to run at full speed and get over a wall, and I had to drop 6½ feet on the other side.

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