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Update 3/10/2017: Added Code Sample, plus minor fixes.Update 9/22/2016: Note that in these code snippets, I’m inheriting View Model Base Class which is where methods like Set Property reside, and where INotify Property Changed is implemented.But with the help of Delegate Command everything is simple.It has 'Can Execute' and 'Execute' callbacks to achieve this.If you are using a framework like MVVMLite or Prism, you will probably be using their base class.I’ll be covering what goes in a MVVM base class in a future post This post was prompted by listening the excellent Coding Blocks podcast, that somewhat failed in my opinion when describing the Command Pattern.so there is no need for a separate Is Enabled property to bind to. The Text Block allows you to enter some text and when text has been entered, it allows you to click a button, which then shows a second message.It might be more reasonable if the execute took you to a second screen, or showed the message in the message box. Application Commands and can be hooked up like this: As I said earlier, you might get a leg up by using a framework with built in implementations for you, such as Prism, MVVMLite, Template 10 or others.

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It’s worth noting that there are several built in commands that you can bind to. If this helped, or I’m botching this up, please let me know.

The View (xaml) where rows in C1Data Grid get updated based on the Items Source updates from the View Model.

And, each row has a 'Delete' button which invokes the Delegate Command to delete the Selected Row in the Data Grid.

While I might agree with them that a dictionary definitions might sound confusing, implementation of this pattern is not bad at all.

You may find it’s already been done for you if you choose an MVVM framework such as Prism or MVVMLite. I’ve seen books showing a full complete implementation of ICommand for every command you wish to do, but in practice, there is a better way.

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